Jordan Zimmerman to the Tigers

According to a few baseball sources, the Tigers have signed free agent starting pitcher Jordan Zimmerman.

While the framework of the deal is unknown, it is expected to be in the 6 year, $120 million range.

The Tigers could be back in the running for the AL Central after a last place finish in 2015. Speaking of that, my 2016 AL Central standings:

1) Royals

2) Tigers

3) Twins

4) White Sox

5) Indians

While the Royals will probably dominate the division again in 2016, Detroit could certainly compete for an AL Wild Card spot. Here is what the Tigers rotation should look like now:

1) Jordan Zimmerman

2) Justin Verlander

3) Anibal Sanchez

4) Daniel Norris

5) Shane Greene

In other Tigers news, minor league home run king Mike Hessman (who spent the last two seasons in the Tigers organization) retires after a 19 year career. He played in the MLB for Detroit, the Braves, and the Mets for five seasons. He hit 433 homers in the minor leagues. Is it too late to create a minor league baseball Hall of Fame?

Also, former Detroit hitting coach Lloyd McClendon was hired as the manager of the Tigers Triple A team.

That’s that for now. Let’s hope that the offseason buzz really heats up soon.

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