Giants find answer to Dbacks’ Greinke signing

The Giants have their answer to the Diamondbacks’ signing of Zack Greinke. The answer is not Jeff Samardzija (at the moment), but how about Johnny Cueto, 6 years, and $130 million?

Sounds good. Now the Giants will have one of the most unstoppable rotations in all of baseball. Let’s look at McCovey Cove Murderer’s Row now:

1) Madison Bumgarner

2) Johnny Cueto

3) Jeff Samardzija

4) Chris Heston

5) Jake Peavy

If I were Bruce Bochy, I would set up a 6 man rotation that would also include Matt Cain. That could certainly give guys like Cueto and Bumgarner another day off in between starts. Tim Lincecum can be a spot starter as well. Other than that, I have no more words to say. Giants could be 2016 World Series Champions.

Also, baseball legend/cheater Pete Rose will not be returning to baseball’s eligible list anytime soon. His lifetime suspension was not lifted by commissioner Rob Manfred earlier this afternoon. Maybe he bet on the fact that he would not be lifted. Maybe I bet on the fact that the Royals would win the 2015 World Series. Maybe I’ll bet that I don’t have any more news to give for now.

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