8/6/2016 at Yankee Stadium

You know how I said in my last blog post how I was at one of the Yankee Games? Remember how I told you it wasn’t Arod’s last game in pinstripes? I was there the day before he announced his retirement. He didn’t play that day, but I’m just solving the riddle here. Not to mention that I’m writing about this.

Anyways, I once again took the LIRR to the game. Took it to Penn Station, then hopped on a subway to Yankee Stadium.

Today was a Ticket Discount Day, and all tickets were half off. My tickets were $90, but they were now $45. This is a pretty good view…

especially in the second deck. Yes, these were my $45 seats. Got some Johnny Rockets before the game. Got myself a Rocket Double, which was quite good. Not bad, but not as good as Citi Field food. Game got off to a good start. Yankees got two runs home in the 2nd, but Jason Kipnis got it started with his 19th homer, a solo shot. Rajai Davis brought home another run to tie it, and then Mike Napoli hit one over the right field wall to give them the lead.

Mark Texeira got many cheers, because the day before, he announced his retirement at season’s end. Indians closer Andrew Miller also got cheers, as he got traded from the Yankees the week before. The fans still love him. He shut down the Yankees in the 9th.

FINAL SCORE: Indians-5, Yankees-2.

Nothing too special after the game, just a ordinary walk back to the subway. Got off a station earlier than expected, which gave me time to take pictures of the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden. (Any basketball or hockey fans here?)

Took the LIRR back home, saw Arod announce his retirement the next day, and didn’t celebrate it. I’m sorry, but I don’t celebrate the retirement of a cheater.

At least he’s gone and all is over with. I might consider doing an Arod What If Scenario, so let me know if you want to see that, and let me know which one you would like to see. What if he went to the Mets in 2001? What if he went to Boston in 2003? What if he never left Seattle or Texas? Let me know which one you want to see.

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